Waste Management and Pollution Prevention Plans

LTE can evaluate your production processes and associated waste streams to find ways of reducing the amount, toxicity, or hazardous characteristics of waste generated. Reducing waste can mean savings through recycling and reduced disposal costs. Reducing waste generation results in savings, builds corporate sustainability and improves community relations and public perception. Reducing waste also builds sustainability in your community for future generations. By helping your facility to manage waste, we can reduce your regulatory burden, liability, and costs, all while improving the environment.

Pollution prevention activities include source reduction, such as substituting a non-hazardous material for a hazardous material. Pollution prevention activities also include reuse and recycling.

LTE has prepared waste minimization and pollution prevention plans for hundreds of facilities. Waste reduction activities have helped these facilities change their hazardous waste generator status to conditionally exempt, resulting in cost savings and reduced reporting requirements (as well as reducing reporting requirements under the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)), and reducing hazards to workers and the environment. Reduced waste generation and materials management also improves community relations and public perception. LTE can help you “go green” for a sustainable future.

Waste Management Project

Waste Dumpster    Industrial Facility