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Bringing Your Project in On Time and Under Budget


With the construction industry booming, our client found it difficult to get a commitment from the site contractor to make their job a priority, especially when conditions provided them a convenient excuse to go elsewhere. In this case, a major storm event left behind extremely saturated soil, a condition the contractor deemed “unworkable” and insisted they wait a few days for it to dry out.


LTE appreciates that keeping the project team on schedule is one of the most crucial aspects of our role as an Owner’s Representative. Understanding the urgency, we brought to the contractor’ attention schedule commitments previously agreed upon and re-stated their contractual obligation to be accountable to this schedule.


By fairly but effectively working with the site contractor, land was delivered on time to the homebuilder. The project was successful for all parties, in large part due to working together and cooperatively helping everyone accomplish their individual tasks, while never abandoning the expectation that everyone honor their scheduling commitments. Job satisfaction is greater and lawsuits avoided when this is the work environment created by the Construction Manager.

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Sub Services List

  • Construction Observation
  • Dewatering Permit Compliance
  • Professional Engineering Certifications
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Stormwater Compliance

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