The goal of every LTE Project is Rapid Site Closure. We can accomplish that goal with

TerraCert Precision Remediation & Closure

TerraCert® is a precision remediation and closure program designed by LTE for real estate developers, oil and gas companies, and industrial site owners who want contaminated soil and groundwater sites cleaned up as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, with minimal impacts to operations and the clear outcome of closure, such as at brownfield sites.

The TerraCert® program employs injection technologies and treatment with an engineered approach that provides a detailed understanding of contaminant distribution and geologic conditions, enabling us to develop accurate, realistic site models. The result is a more cost-effective and timely remedial solution.

TerraCert®injection programs remediate contamination through the injection of carefully formulated compounds in precisely mapped locations throughout a contaminated site. As a leading expert of in-situ remediation, LTE has injected a variety of products using this process including biological material, nutrients, activated carbon, permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and molasses.

BOS200 in situ injection technology for rapid site closure using TerraCert 

Injection technology for rapid site closure using TerraCert    

Projects using the TerraCert® program have been completed to solve a variety of complex subsurface contamination issues, including impacted soil and groundwater, vapor intrusion in buildings, plume migration, and impacts in clay and fractured bedrock. Typical TerraCert® injections achieve closure criteria within weeks or months, whereas traditional methods can take years. LTE has closed numerous petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminated sites using TerraCert®.







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