Rob Rebel, P.E. Presents for International AEHS Conference on Soil, Water, Energy & Air

On March 18, 2019 Rob Rebel, P.E./ Senior Engineer gave a presentation on sustainable solar soil vapor extraction (SVE) remediation of oil and gas skim pits at the 29th Annual AEHS International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air in San Diego, California. Rob demonstrated the benefits of this technology as compared to dig and haul. The project is producing 10 times less greenhouse gas emissions, diverting 2,500 tons of waste from the landfill, substantially reducing truck traffic, and cutting cleanup costs in half. See his 300 word abstract below.

Sustainable Solar Powered SVE Remediation of Former Oil and Gas Production Pits

“Remote oil and gas (O&G) locations present unique challenges for the remediation practitioner. Traditionally dig and haul is employed where infrastructure for in-situ remediation is not available which is costly, has an increased greenhouse gas footprint, produces landfill waste, and disrupts site operations. To remediate a series of oil and gas (O&G) production pits a solar powered soil vapor extraction (SVE) skid has been deployed. The skid is currently finalizing remediation at the first pit and will be deployed at two others following remediation completion. The skid includes a 4.9 horsepower regenerative blower providing vacuum through a series of subsurface wells which enhances volatilization of hydrocarbons. The blower is powered directly from a 6-kilowatt solar array via a variable frequency drive (VFD) eliminating the need for batteries while operating 10 to 14 hours per day. To date the system has removed 4 tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in less than a year and compliance soil sampling will be conducted in September 2018. By employing a solar powered SVE skid the remediation project is more sustainable, creates less disruption to site operations, and has reduced project costs. The presentation will provide the production pit case study detailing site challenges, sampling results, innovative solutions, and lessons learned.”

Rob Rebel, P.E.
Senior Engineer

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